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March 1st 2010 : Plus Systems announce Value-Added-Reseller agreement with Alamein.

Plus Systems have been collaborating with the team at Alamein supplying first-class solutions for car and courier fleets for more than ten years. Up until now, customers have purchased the two halves of the system from the two companies under separate contracts. From now on, customers will be able to order and contract for a unified system direct from Plus Systems. The solution will be delivered and project-managed by Plus and all support will be handled through one support line.

Phil Giles, Plus Systems Founder-Director said: "This represents a major improvement for our customers in the sales and delivery and support process, we are delighted to be able to offer the Alamein package as part of our solution, which now puts our system in the forefront of solutions available in the UK".

The system will be offered as a monthly licence which includes all on-site training and go-live support.

Jim Beaven, Plus Systems sales manager said: "Plus System's unrivaled position, which straddles Car and Courier requirements in a single package, coupled with their 25-year experience and reputation for adding bespoke customer requirements without drama, means this company is set for serious expansion."

Aston Clarke, Alamein Ltd Founder-Director said ‘Alamein has been working closely with Plus since 2003 and collectively delivered the first wave of GPRS/PDA solutions to the transport industry. Since that time our combined solution has evolved to uniquely fulfil the requirements of courier and passenger transport seamlessly within a single system.’